“Maintaining a healthy weight has been a life-long challenge for me. When my doctor prescribed pre-diabetic medication and my family told me I was moving around “like an old person," I knew things had to change.

Brendan Hurley has been my trainer, psychologist and cheering section. Under his guidance, I’ve lost 30 pounds (so far), reduced my overall body fat percentage, added muscle and increased my strength and endurance. Brendan encouraged me to take Darren Burke's 80/20 course, which not only explained what I should (and should not) be eating, but why. This was an important missing component from weight-loss programs I had taken in the past.

MAC today is a very different place from the MAC I joined decades ago. I’m constantly impressed by the variety of people who are there, from kids training for sports to older people like me who are looking for a better quality of life by getting leaner, stronger and better balanced. The training staff is friendly, knowledgeable and constantly supportive. They change lives every day.”

- Meredith T.

“I've been meaning to write for a while to say that I'm so thankful I've become a member! Special shoutout to Nikki Parisi—I LOVE her classes. Her training is great, her music is exciting and keeps me going, and she's fun!

I am also so thankful for Gymazing. My two kids love going, and the staff are so friendly and caring.

Thank you!”

- Amy K.