MAC recognizes the importance of fitness for all ages; especially for our most mature members. We offer a variety of programs designed for seniors to either begin to incorporate fitness into their lives for the first time or continue on their path of health and wellness.

For more information, please call:
Lindsay Mzaouakk
Director of Group Fitness
978-526-8900 x358

Complimentary with membership:

  • One-on-one Comprehensive Wellness Consultation
  • Fit at Any Age: A low intensity, safe, effective workout that includes light aerobics & muscle conditioning. Great for the mature adult or for those wishing to start a regular workout routine.
  • Tai Chi: A simple form of flowing movement practice done standing and moving in space, safe for all ages and levels of fitness. Low impact movements place minimal stress on muscles and joints. Practitioners gather, circulate and harmonize internal energy with the energy of the universe to improve health, achieve deep relaxation and peace of mind. Each class includes qi gong energy healing and e-vitalizing exercises, mindful breathing, Tai Chi moving practice, meditation & self massage.
  • Gentle yoga: This class is great for beginners, senior members & those that wish a gentle relaxed experience of yoga. We will focus on incorporate a balancing & calm combination of classical poses & stretches with restorative poses for aligning the body. This class is perfect for releasing stress & setting the tone for feeling energized & refreshed. Class is 90 minutes, but participants are welcome to leave at anytime.
  • Stretch It: will help you move through your daily life with greater ease & less pain. This class can help to reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion in the muscles & joints, help prevent injury, increase circulation, help maintain proper posture, & of course aid in stress relief. This class is suitable for all abilities.
  • Nia: An internationally acclaimed cardiovascular mind-body movement that combines martial arts, dance and healing arts. Nia can be practiced by people of all ages and ability levels - movements are based on moving the body in accordance with its natural design and function. Participants are encouraged to explore three planes of movement and to choose from three intensity levels based on their individual needs. Nia is done in bare feet and in comfortable workout or yoga clothing.
  • Strong at Any Age small group training: This class will demystify the Fitness Facility, making it a place of comfort and success by teaching each person how to properly use the cardio equipment, machines, free weights, bands and other fitness toys. By the end of the class members will know safe, functional exercises to maintain/increase balance, flexibility and strength, as well as how to track their progress along the way.
  • Lap swimming / pool therapy
  • Aquatics: This low impact cardiovascular class is designed with full body rhythmic exercises in shallow water to tone, stretch & work on aerobic endurance. Class may include the use of noodles & water weights. Classes are 45 minutes.
  • Water aerobics