Dietary Supplement Resources

With so much conflicting information out there about supplements and possible drug interactions, I wanted to provide you all with some resources; so that you can make informed decisions about what you are putting in your body. First and foremost, before you begin to take any additional herbs or supplements, please check with your primary care doctor for possible drug interactions.

There are several independent organizations that conduct reliable research on supplements. I will provide a brief description of these organizations and their links below.

Consumer Labs

Consumer Labs conducts product tests to identify the best quality health and nutrition products through independent testing. They have been around for more than 20 years and offer a very comprehensive database. They test everything from protein bars to fish oil.

The American Botanical Council

 The ABC is an independent nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information for consumers, healthcare practitioners, researchers and educators. The goal is to assist the public in making educated, responsible choices about herbal medicine as an accepted part of healthcare.

The National Institute of Health

The NIH is affiliated with US Department of Health and Human Services. They offer evidence-based research for both health professionals and consumers on specific vitamins, minerals and herbs, along with food, drug and herbal interactions.

Ideally, we want to get everything that we need from our food, however; if you do decide that a supplement may be beneficial, now you have some resources to determine which product will best suit your needs.

Written By: Marlene Dickinson
Director of Wellness/Holistic Wellness Coach
(978) 526-8900 x 362

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It’s summertime and the swimming is easy - as it should be, right? Well, maybe not for everyone. Are you stressed that your child hasn’t yet qualified for Jr. Olympics (kidding) or that your mother-in-law saw a story on the news and is convinced that your toddler is going to perish if they haven’t yet completed their 18 week intensive water immersion basic training? Kidding, aside, it’s the season we all have to stop to think about water safety – but to remember that life is to be loved and enjoyed… especially in the water!

Like we always say: Smiles and happiness float, while frowns and stress sink.

Everyone should enjoy summer, and for many people that means being around water. For those families that spend the warmer months at the beach, by the pool, or on the boat - we encourage you to show the kiddos how to have a healthy love and respect for the water. Use that puddle jumper or life jacket when needed, let them explore and discover the water, and share with them a little bit of all the amazing ways we can spend time in and on the water. On Cape Ann we are truly blessed to have such a myriad of places to splash around; Beaches, quarries, lakes, ponds, pools and big puddles. We can swim, sail, surf, skim, boogie board, paddle board, wind surf, kayak, row, row, row our boats… you get the picture. At MAC, we want to make sure your swimmers are  ready to enjoy all that summer has to offer here on the coast.

Each of the MAC swim instructors has their own individual way of teaching, but we all do it with love, respect and care. We recognize that each swimmer comes with their own unique collection of memories, abilities and challenges. We do repetitive drills, endless back floats, continuous bubbles and make it fun and enjoyable, while teaching the kids how to be SAFE in the water. We will take all those happy memories of good experiences and make them flow together to create strong confident lifelong swimmer.

WRITTEN BY: Violet Gray
MAC Swim Instructor

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The Meaning of the MAC
Dana and Chrissy drop off collected donations to the Wellspring House!

Dana and Chrissy drop off collected donations to the Wellspring House!

It’s been over a year now and I can truly say that the MAC has changed my life in so many positive ways. From the very first day, every member and employee has welcomed me and made me feel like part of the team. There’s something unique about the MAC and the community we’ve created here, and I feel very honored to be a part of it all.

As the Membership Director, I have the opportunity everyday to meet new members and to hear about the journey that led them to the MAC. Although every story is different, the common theme is that everyone is searching for a strong community, that will not only inspire and support them throughout their daily lives, but will also guide them in the right direction to a healthier lifestyle.

The MAC strives to create a safe environment that welcomes everyone. I recently met a family who just moved to the area - new friends referred them to the MAC and encouraged them to join. After meeting them, I learned that they had a child with learning disabilities and they were searching for a safe environment where they would be accepted, and their child would feel comfortable. They have now made many friends here, their child enjoys Gymazing on a regular basis, and they feel welcomed into their newly discovered MAC family.

MAC also gives back to our community, to help those in need. Recently, with the help of our new members, we have donated to multiple charities throughout the North Shore. Food banks, Horizons for Homeless Children, Wellspring House and the Boys & Girls Club in Salem have benefited from the donations we have been able to collect for them. We look forward to continuing to partner with more charities throughout the year.

The summer season is now upon us and we are excited to welcome families throughout the world that are visiting the area. This is always one of my favorite times of the year because families return year after year, making the MAC experience a family tradition - one that is passed on to many more generations to come. Whether for one week or the entire summer, they are all excited to get back to MAC!

We have lots of new and exciting things happening throughout the year, and I look forward to sharing them with all of you. Thank you for contributing and creating the culture here. You and your families are what make the MAC such a special place.

WRITTEN BY: Dana Leavitt
Membership Director
978-526-8900 x202

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