Junior Tennis (JDP)


MAC’s Junior Development Program (JDP) has been recognized by the USTA as one of best 10-and-under programs in the country. As pioneers of the Quickstart Program for more than a decade, we have been instrumental in working with the USTA to implement it’s 10-and-under program throughout the country. We understand that tennis may be the first sport for your child and we want them to succeed and have fun with as much as you do. That’s why we use smaller courts, smaller racquets and appropriate foam balls, red, orange balls and green balls with just the right amount of ball pressure to help kids hit better.

For more information, including questions about your child’s individual program, please contact:
David Colby
978-526-8900 ext. 205

*Completed forms should be emailed to: programs@macathletics.com

Tennis JDP Pathway

Our JDP Program offers a fun, energetic and extremely positive introduction to tennis that will set your kids on track to enjoy the sport for life. Below is a description of our different class options:

LAUNCH! (3-5 years old): Our New introductory tennis program for our youngest future players! LAUNCH! A program that incorporates all athletic skill development in addition to basic tennis shapes. In this stage of child’s development all children need to master basic physical skills  to move in the right direction for all future sports training. LAUNCH! Is broken into six week segments that are themed to provide a good mix of fun variety throughout the school year. The program consists of on-court time and additional parents-stay and play projects or take home projects weekly.

FOAM BALL / RED BALL (5-9 years old)

  • FOAM BALL (5-6 years old): Court size: 36’ Court/Racquet size: 19- 21": The size of the courts and racquets are geared to let the 5-6 year-old players focus on developing tennis skills. The classes feature both drill-court and paired activities. Instructors create rally-building situations for students to facilitate their tactical and technical development and encourage their enthusiasm for the game.
  • RED BALL (7-9 years old): Court size: 36’ Court / Racquet size: 21-23": The Red Ball Class is for junior players just starting to play tennis. The class teaches all of the tennis fundamentals. Each class has a weekly theme reinforced through drills, games and competitions that promote the fun of learning to play the sport. COMP Team Fall, Winter, Spring

ORANGE BALL (7-12 years old)

  • ORANGE BALL (7-9 years old): Court size: 60’ / Racket size: 23-25 inches: The Orange Ball Class is geared for children that already have a good sense of the proper tennis technique or for players that have already competed at the Red Ball level and have passed Red Ball competencies. Players in Orange Ball will begin to develop more control with ball placement, spin control and all court skills. The class is designed to improve consistency and all court playing. Technical, tactical themes will be presented daily. Players in this level are able to play matches. Competition: Saturday Matchplay: 2:00 - 3:30 pm & JDP COMP Series
  • ORANGE BALL (10-12 years old): Court size: 60’ / Racket size: 25-26 inches: The Orange Ball Class is for players needing to improve their fundamental tennis skills before competing in matches. The class focuses on form and footwork and teaches students how to apply these techniques in competitive rallies. These players are working to transition to Green Ball. Competition: Saturday Matchplay: 2:00 - 3:30 pm & JDP COMP Series
  • TOURNAMENT ORANGE (10-12 yeards old): This program is designed for the Orange player that has already been competing in USTA sanctioned tournaments. These 1.5 hour classes allow for more time for tactical themes to be practiced. This program is geared for players that have the desire and heart to compete. Competition: Saturday Matchplay: 2:00 - 3:30 pm & JDP COMP Series

JUNIOR ACADEMY (9-12 years old)

  • JUNIOR ACADEMY (9-12 years old): This program is for players with the potential or strong desire to play highly competitive matches. The class reinforces the individual player’s solid technical base with a daily emphasis on grips, strokes and tactical and technical skills. This program has produced many top junior players in New England. The Junior Academy runs at a 4:1 ratio. 2 hour lessons now incorporate 30 minutes of Off Court Athletic Development! Competition: Junior Academy Matchplay Sunday 3:30-5:30 pm and JDP COMP Series
  • TECHNICAL INTENSIVE (9-12 years): This is a blended ball program, transitioning players from Green and Yellow. The program will focus heavily on stroke production as players graduate to full Yellow play. Players at this stage of development should already have extensive match experience, and will be need to overcome two new challenges: 1. Need to deal with increasing speed of ball 2. Length of court (as they will need to push ball deeper and receive the ball from deeper places). Competition: Junior Academy Matchplay Sunday 3:30-5:30 pm and JDP COMP Series

For Jr. Academy and Technical Intensive Programs, Please Contact Dave Colby for an evaluation

TEENS TENNIS & JV/VARSITY (13-16 years old)

  • TEEN TENNIS (13-16 years old): This class is for teens who want to become better recreational tennis players. The class teaches the fundamentals of grips, strokes and footwork patterns in a fun and positive manner so that teens will enjoy the sport more as their ability improves.Competition: USTA Tournaments 
  • VARSITY PRACTICE (High School Tennis Players): The Varsity Practice, which runs for 1½ hours, is targeted for more advanced players that have excelled in their 10-12 Green Ball or Teen level classes. JV/Varsity runs at a 4:1 ratio. Competition: USTA Tournaments and High School Showcase