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Lindsay Mzaouakk - Director of Group Fitness + Instructor

Pilates, Zumba, Barre, Power Sculpt

Lindsay began personal training and teaching group fitness classes after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Psychology. She holds certifications in ACE Personal Training, Functional Movement Screening, Stott Pilates, Les Mills Body Pump, Zumba, PiYo, TRX, Total Barre, Barre Above, and Bolly X and is a graduate of Dance Teachers Club of Boston. Lindsay’s passion for fitness developed at a young age after studying various styles of dance, and teaching dance to children, teens and adults. She currently teaches BodyPump, Mat Pilates, Zumba and Barre at Manchester Athletic Club and has been the Group Fitness Director since 2008. Lindsay enjoys teaching and motivating people of all ages and fitness levels to reach their goals. She likes to teach her class participants and clients about proper body alignment, posture and educate about general fitness and muscle actions. Lindsay was an Amateur and Professional Ballroom Dance Competitor for over 15 years in the Latin Ballroom and American Rhythm Style, competing and performing nationally. Now Lindsay spends her free time being a mom to her 2 young children and salsa dancing.

Beth Lott - Director of Aquatics + Instructor


Beth is in her 19th year as the Aquatic Director at the Manchester Athletic Club. She brings her passion to swimming to all the aquatic programs offered at the MAC. Her hope is that each swimmer will become the best they can be. Beth is a graduate of Roanoke College with a degree in business. She is a certified ASCA level 2 coach, certified lifeguard , WSI instructor, and master water fitness instructor. When Beth is not by the pool she enjoys open water swims with her three amazing sons.

Haley Allison - Instructor

Pilates, Barre, Length, Indoor cycling

What began as a love for fitness blossomed into a passion to help others enjoy a more active lifestyle.  In the industry since 2004 Haley has acquired many different fitness certifications. As the Pilates Reformer Studio Coordinator, Haley is fully trained in Stott Reformer, an equipment based Pilates repertoire, as well as Essential and Intermediate Pilates Mat Work.  You can also find Haley teaching in our  barre studio and other group ex classes as well.  Due to her extensive education in the fitness industry, Haley has acquired a deep knowledge of fitness, and as a result her clients reap those rewards.

Nikki Parisi - Instructor

Indoor Cycling, Power Sculpt, TRX, Barre, Guts+Butts

Nikki earned her Associates Degree at Burdett Business School in 1989. After having her first child she knew that she had to fight genetics and got in involved in group fitness. She has been in the industry for over two decades, and working at Manchester Athletic Club since 2000 as a Master Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor. From beginner, elderly or athlete, Nikki loves helping people set and reach their fitness goals, and enjoys teaching a wide variety of classes including SPIN, Muscle Conditioning, Circuit, Barre, and TRX. She was responsible for the launching of our Fit-At-Any-Age Class, and helped with the Start up of the American Cancer Society's Spin for Hope. When it comes to Personal Training, Nikki emphasizes the importance of combining cardiovascular, functional, strength training and fun into her clients programs. Nikki's certifications include: NETA and AFAA Personal Trainer, Madd Dog SPIN Instructor, Kickboxing, Step, TRX, INDO ROW, ShockWave, Functional Movement Specialist, Barre, Pilates and Senior Fitness. When not teaching a class or Personal Training, enjoys fitness conferences, the beach, travel, and spending time with her family and friends. Her passion is rowing, and has captained her seine boat crew and junior women's for the past 8 years.

Carol Figurido - Instructor + Personal Trainer

Fit at Any Age, Barre

After raising three children and overcoming a breast cancer diagnosis, Carol found her passion in fitness.  Realizing that being fit would help lower the risk of a cancer reoccurrence, it became a way of life.  Carol has worked previously as the Director of Group Fitness, and now as a Master Personal Trainer and group fitness instructor for over 20 years.  She holds certifications through the American Council on Exercise, Stott Pilates, Indoor cycling, Reebock Coreboard, Resist-a-ball, Total Barre, and Fitness Resources Association.  Carol has a specialty in working with clients with balance issues, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, and recovery from breast cancer surgery and reconstruction.  Carol's aim is to help people gain optical muscular-skeletal performance through strength, flexibility, and endurance resulting in a balanced and aligned body and thereby improving quality of life.  In her spare time, Carol enjoys playing golf, reading, cooking, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Marcy Plante - Manager, MAC Fitness Gloucester + Instructor

Aquatics, Indoor Cycling

Marcy manages MAC Fitness in Gloucester Marcy has her BA from the University of New Hampshire with a major in Program Management/Tourism and a minor in Athletic Training. She also has her Masters from Lesley University in Elementary Education.. She is a highly motivated and enthusiastic instructor. If you want to be inspired, take her spin class, you will be given a motivational quote to start your day off right. Marcy loves her seniors. Her seniors excel in her class because they are pushed and work very hard.   She recognizes the importance of being part of a team. Whether it is on the bike, in the water, or in every day life, she pushes you to be the best you.

Danielle Roberts - Instructor

Zumba, Barre

Danielle has been teaching fitness since 2010.  Her certifications include; AFAA®Group Exercise, Bender Barre, Piloxing Barre, Plyoga, TRX, Zumba® Basics I -Meringue, Salsa, Reggae ton, Gambia, Zumba® Basics II - Belly Dancing, Tango, Samba, Flamenco, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Sentao.  She took her first step when she walked into a Zumba® class back in early 2010 and was instantly hooked and got licensed soon after.  As much as she loves teaching Zumba® she wanted to expand her fitness knowledge. In 2013 she got her Group Exercise Certificate with AFAA as well as her license to teach Barre with Leslie Bender. Zumba is fun and exciting but Barre has her heart and just loves to mix things up to really get a full body workout.  She then discovered Piloxing® Barre in 2015. Since then she has continued to learn many different formats of fitness such as Plyoga, TRX, and Pilates. She currently teaches Zumba, barre, Piloxing Barre, and Plyoga. Watching people stay dedicated and reaching goals has been such a joy for Danielle.  She has helped people lose weight and tone up, whether its for a wedding, a vacation or for someone ready for a life change.  Nothing has been more satisfying to know that you made a difference. During her free time, you could possibly find her and her husband playing top 40 music at private clubs and events as an acoustic duo.

Heather McClelland - Instructor

Muscle Conditioning

Heather grew up in Ontario, Canada. Her love of gymnastics and competition brought her to the United States. She is a certified USA Gymnastics Coach and was a Personal Trainer for 7 years. She is a mom of 2 and a step-mom of 3. Heather loves vegetable gardening with her husband, hiking, traveling and spending time with her family. Currently she teaches Muscle Conditioning. Heather's classes are always challenging. Heather's priorities when teaching are; have fun, be inspired and keep it safe.

Megan Connolly - Instructor

Indoor Cycling

Megan Donovan has been teaching Spinning since 2000 at the Manchester Athletic Club, and has loved it since its inception.  She is also certified in Les Mills RPM and Body Pump and has also taught both at the Manchester Athletic Club. Megan has a love for competition that started at a young age playing sports ranging in swimming, softball, soccer and tennis in middle and high school.  Megan was a top New England swimmer qualifying for nationals and receiving a Division I scholarship for 4 years to Univ. of Buffalo in New York.  After Graduate school Megan continued her love of competition by excelling in the sport of triathlon.  Teaching spinning at the Manchester Athletic has given Megan a way to share her love for fitness and exercise by motivating her class through inspiring words, music and a high intensity cardio workout every week.  In Megan's free time she is a mom of two awesome kids, lives on a farm, loves to run, spend time outside, travel and she also works part time as an athletic and lifestyle model.

Carla Mattioli - Instructor

Tai Chi

Carla Mattioli, M.A. Certified Tai Chi & Qigong Instructor from the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi . She is also a Certified Tai Chi for Balance and Healthy Aging Instructor and a Certified Yoga Teacher with 17 years teaching experience, 35 years’ experience in the movement arts of yoga, eurythmy, and Tai chi. Carla continues her training in Tai Chi and Qigong and currently teaches Tai Chi and Qigong at Senior Centers in Rockport, Gloucester and Newburyport, plus private sessions with her clients. She currently teaches Tai Chi here at the MAC.  She also teaches yoga, Painting and Drawing, most recently Chinese Painting at Senior Centers in Gloucester and Rockport.  See Carla's website at

Jessie Fabrizio - Instructor

Indoor Cycling, HIIT, MAC Circuit

Jessie graduated with a Bachelor’s of science degree in Biology and was also recently a high school Anatomy & physiology and Biology teacher for 8 years. She currently teaches interval ride, HIIT and body sculpt classes and is a certified Mad Dogg spin instructor as well as a qualified TRX instructor. Her biology background provides her with a complete understanding of the human body as a whole. Driven by the need to move Jessie will teach you how to mentally push yourself further than ever before!

Alli Pinkin - Instructor


One of Alli's favorite places to be is on her mat. There, she feels truly alive and at peace. It is through her yoga practice both on and off the mat, that Alli feels she has the ability to find more perspective and patience in life, as well as the motivation to be well and help others. Alli enjoys the demands of yoga both on the body and the mind. She loves the way yoga invites us to be in the moment, to breathe, and to look for the space between our postures, our thoughts, and the moments of our lives. Yoga has transformed the person Alli is today, and it is her hope that she can help others discover the same. Alli wants to bring students a class that is challenging yet fun. One that is constantly evolving and where practitioners of all levels feel welcomed and free to express themselves from where they are on any given day. You will often hear her remind her class that they are "a no-judgement zone," and that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be.  Alli completed her 200 hr certification with David Magone, studying PranaVayu yoga, a unique vinyasa style of yoga that integrates flowing power sequences with relaxation and meditative techniques to help change the body and free the mind. In addition to David, Alli has been profoundly influenced by the teachings of Katy Dagle, Willa Worsfold, and Larisa Foreman. Without these amazing people, Alli truly believes she wouldn't be where she is today; practicing and teaching something she loves.

Dixie Lee George - Instructor


Dixie Lee Georg became a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor my freshman year at the University of Iowa.  I worked two college summers as a Red Cross Instructor in my hometown, and the other two summers as aquatic director at the Y there.  I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Bachelor of Science degree and began my teaching career.  During my four years at the University, I was a member of Seals, the women's honorary swimming club.  This group practiced weekly and presented an annual, synchronized water show every May with an unusual theme and costumes. Having always wanted to reside on the ocean, I headed East to teach.  I taught a lot of swimming at Ys and for BPC (Boston Sports Clubs) in Lynnfield, where I lived after marriage.  Also had a swim business in our backyard pool there for 17 summers. I became certified in water aerobics after moving to Gloucester, and am currently teaching at the Gloucester Y, where I started their first evening water aerobics classes there.  I also teach at the Rockaway at Rocky Neck summers.  And I teach many adult learn-to-swim classes at Gloucester Y.  However, I still enjoy teaching all ages.

Jeff French - Instructor

Power Line Dancing

Jeff has been teaching dance aerobics at Manchester Athletic Club since 1987. His current group fitness class is 'Power Line' dancing, a low impact dance class that mixes choreographed line dance patterns to a fast disco beat. Jeff enjoys motivating people to find their 'fun' spot within. He also works as a veterinarian, having a practice in Gloucester for 32 years.

Kara Mirak - Instructor

Indoor Cycling, Power Sculpt

Kara grew up in Manchester-By-the Sea. She played Div. 1 Field Hockey for the University of Vermont, and is a mother of three boys and one girl. Kara is a certified Indoor Cycling, group exercise, and Barre. Having four children does not leave a lot of time to work out so she made it a job! She makes it a priority just like brushing her teeth every day. Her priorities when she teaches are; keep it safe, mix it up, make it challenging, and have every member of her class leave happier then when they walked in! Having someone come over after class and tell how great they feel is the reason why she loves to teach. Everyone should leave a workout with a smile and excited to go for it again tomorrow.

Betsy Dalton - Instructor


Betsy Dalton has been teaching yoga at Manchester Athletic Club since 2001 and has received her 200 hour and 500 hour advanced yoga certification from the National Yoga Alliance. Betsy is a teacher at heart. She loves to guide her students through their practices with a focus on form. She loves to work with and help people, to solve problems and to make a difference. When there’s time, Betsy teaches horseback riding, a lifelong passion. She has a family, two rescue dogs from New Orleans, a cat and even a frog.

Tobin Dominick - Instructor

Indoor Cycling, MAC Circuit

After playing Division 1 Ice Hockey and Lacrosse for Boston College and teaching skiing, Tobin found her passion as a personal trainer, indoor group cycling instructor and an avid adventure racer. She studied at the Fitness Institute in Boca Raton, FL. Tobin is certified by the NSCA and ACE, and focuses on helping her clients and indoor group cycling students achieve their personal goals through heart rate and functional training techniques as well as basic strength and conditioning no matter what level of athlete they are. She also enjoys working with all ages, sport specific training, and our pre and post-natal clients. When not working at Manchester Athletic Club or her family business, Tobin also enjoys many sports including mountain biking, kayaking, running, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and rowing dories. She has also been known to take her clients out to teach them new sports.

Katherine Hooper - Instructor

Dance (BoSoma), Pilates

Katherine Hooper, an Essex local, holds a BFA in Dance from the University of Massachusetts, Five College Dance Program and is certified in Pilates Matt Work through Polestar Education. Her class style offers a dynamic flow of movement sequencing for all levels, allowing students to feel invigorated by the end of the class.  Katherine is the Director and Owner of the BoSoma School of Dance in Hamilton and Manchester Athletic Club, offering a well-rounded and nurturing dance education to students ranging in age from 3 to 18.  In addition, she is the Artistic Director of BoSoma Dance Company, a professional modern dance company in its 13th year performing and offering educational programing in schools within the greater Boston area. In 2014, she was awarded the ‘Support Your Studio’ grant by the Dizzy Feet Foundation for her commitment to bringing dance to the local community through teaching and performances and for her passionate teaching within her studio inspiring young dancers of all levels to achieve their best through dance.  Katherine is thrilled to be a part of the MAC group fitness team and loves encouraging the growth of her students within each class!

Kathy Iatrou-Matrundola - Instructor

Body Pump, Body Combat

Kathy has been a certified fitness instructor since 1994. She holds an AFAA certification for step and kickbox, a Madd Dog certification for Spinning, and Les Mills certifications for Body Pump and Body Combat. Kathy spent many years instructing group exercise classes in and around Boston, and was selected to travel to the Caribbean as a fitness contractor instructing group exercise classes at luxury resorts. She later moved to the North Shore in 2003. She has been a member of the group exercise team at the Manchester Athletic Club since 2007. Kathy thrives on bringing the most out of the members in her classes, keeping it safe, and making each individual class an experience. Before having her three children, Kathy was a computer technology engineer and has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Lowell and an MBA concentrating in Finance from Boston College. Kathy spends a lot of time with her children now while they are very young, but still enjoys cross country touring and racing her snowmobile.

Jamaal Dixon - Instructor

HIIT, MAC Circuit

Jamaal Dixon was born and raised and Dorchester MA.  Growing up he was involved in various athletic activities.  He took part in everything from dance to basketball; the latter being what he would ultimately dedicate himself to.  Jamaal is certified through the national academy of sports medicine and has experience in functional movement screening.  Jamaal would attend Loyola University and Radford university to play basketball.  He still has passion for teaching the game, especially to the younger generation.  His passion for fitness developed as result of physical ailments that plagued him throughout high school and college.  He has dedicated himself to teaching the proper way to train, and loves to work with anyone looking to become a healthier individual.  He especially loves to train the youth, because a majority of the bad habits are developed in the initial stages of training.  These habits can lead to long-term issues if not corrected early enough in the process.  The goal is always to stay injury free, that’s the same whether you are an athlete or someone looking to lose a few pounds.  Jamaal instructs a few group classes and has developed a passion for the sense of community you get from the group fitness environment.  He plans on adding a few more classes in the near future.

Shannon Lane - Instructor

Step Interval, Guts+Butts, Strtetch It

Shannon has been instructing group exercise classes and has worked at Manchester Athletic Club since 1985 shortly after receiving her first certification. She is currently certified by AFAA and Madd Dog Spinning. Shannon brings high energy to all of her classes. She enjoys instructing a variety of classes and is always willing to help the participants individualize the class to meet their own needs, whether that be to intensify or modify her class. She truly wants to motivate and have everyone enjoy his or her workouts. In addition to instructing classes Shannon enjoys choreographing routines for competitive bodybuilders, many whom have placed and won “best poser” in their prospective competitions. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her children and many great friends. Shannon truly enjoys the summer months where you can find her with her family and friends together at the beach.

Sue Rose - Instructor

Body Pump, Body Combat

Sue has been a group exercise instructor for the past 20 years. She began her teaching career as a Jazzercise instructor owning her own franchise. In the past years Sue has taught step, Hi-Lo, and muscle conditioning classes. Sue is now a licensed Les Mills instructor in both Body Pump and Body Combat, having recently completed part one of the advanced instructor training in Body Pump. Also, she holds a certificate in AFAA group exercise. Sue has strong dance background training in classical ballet and all forms of dance. Growing up she performed and competed in a dance performance group and completed the Dance Masters training program. Sue has a degree in business accounting and works for her family’s business. In her free time she enjoys being outside exercising with her dog and boating with her husband.

Suzanne Otterbein - Instructor


Suzanne’s journey of yoga began in 2001 after the birth of her second child. As a busy working mom of young children, Suzanne appreciated the overall sense of well-being and reduced stress she felt after discovering yoga. Since then, Suzanne studied at YOGAspirit® Studios to become a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching for over two years, focusing primarily on Flow and Power Yoga classes. She is also registered yoga teacher (RYT) with the Yoga Alliance. Suzanne continues her studies with workshops on pre- & post-natal yoga, children’s yoga and is currently enrolled in the YOGAspirit® Studios 500 Hour Teacher Training program. Suzanne is inspired to share her experiences with her students, encouraging them, through their own practice, to see beyond their self-imposed limitations.

Amy Robinson - Instructor


Amy has been teaching aquacize at the MAC since 2008. She loves sharing her passion for water exercise with others. When she is not at her full time job at the Kernwood Country Club or teaching at the MAC, she enjoys playing golf and spending time at the beach with her family during the summer and knitting or quilting during the winter.

Megan Donovan - Instructor

Indoor Cycling

Megan Donovan has been teaching Spinning since 2000 at the Manchester Athletic Club, and has loved it since its inception.  She is also certified in Les Mills RPM and Body Pump and has also taught both at the Manchester Athletic Club. Megan has a love for competition that started at a young age playing sports ranging in swimming, softball, soccer and tennis in middle and high school.  Megan was a top New England swimmer qualifying for nationals and receiving a Division I scholarship for 4 years to Univ. of Buffalo in New York.  After Graduate school Megan continued her love of competition by excelling in the sport of triathlon.   Teaching spinning at the Manchester Athletic has given Megan a way to share her love for fitness and exercise by motivating her class through inspiring words, music and a high intensity cardio workout every week. In Megan's free time she is a mom of two awesome kids, lives on a farm, loves to run, spend time outside, travel and she also works part time as an athletic and lifestyle model.

Janet Douglas - Instructor


My name is Janet Douglas and I grew up in Houston, Texas and Cape Elizabeth, Maine.   I know that is a strange combination But the best of both worlds.  I am crazy about Tex mex food and love the Sea.  I currently live on The Annisquam River in Gloucester, Mass with my husband Paul and our crazy pets Mr. Chubbs (Kitty) and Chili dog (rescue from Puerto Rico) .  I was always into ice skating and running as a young girl.  Fitness became a big part of my life after the birth of My two sons that are 16 months apart.  My oldest Jake was a tough baby and never ever slept past five a.m.  Needless to say,  I never slept!  I started teaching Spinning classes in 1998 and ended up at the MAC in 2000 with the 6 a.m early bird class.  In 2007,  I switched to teaching Water aerobics and kids swimming lessons after attending a SCW Fitness Conference.  I have been enjoying the water since and especially enjoy the low impact and fluidity of the water.

Jessica Walton - Instructor

Indoor Cycling

Jessica, a Danvers native, developed a love for fitness at a young age and not only strives to promote a healthy lifestyle but maintains one as well.  She became a spin enthusiast as a way to de-stress during nursing  school . Her attraction for spinning came naturally as an avenue to inspire and coach others to improve their fitness levels to create a healthy mind and body. Certified by Madd Dog Athletics, she has been instructing spin classes for almost 6 years at various clubs throughout the north shore.  She loves to combine high intensity workouts with an emphasis on music.  She strives to teach high energy classes that people look forward to coming to and that leave them feeling refreshed.  Jessica has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Salem State University and is a full time Pediatric Registered nurse at Mass General Hospital in Boston. A retired bikini competitor, when she’s not in the gym or the hospital you can find her in the kitchen cooking or at the beach with girlfriends or a good book.

Giovanna Taylor - Instructor

Body Combat

Giovanna became a fitness instructor inspired by the classes she was participating at the MAC as a former member of the club. Growing up she was involved in a variety of competitive sports in high school like running track and basketball.  After becoming a mom of two children she wanted to be able to share her experience of getting into good condition with a great attitude by becoming a Less Mils Body combat instructor.  She love it because it's a mind/body workout that empowers you and keeps you going.  When you attend her class she wants you to feel strong, capable and successful. Giovanna hopes that those who attend will feel the good energy,  light and love that is shining within them.

Linda Wilkes - Instructor


Linda Wilkes is a white belt certified Nia instructor. She is a semi-retired graphic designer as well as a professional singer.  Linda grew up ballet dancing and started out life as a registered nurse.  She relishes the opportunity to combine her love of music, health and movement with Nia and looks forward to passing on this fun movement form to others.

Charlene Patey - Instructor

Body Pump, Body Combat

Charlene holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from UMass Amherst.
A vacation property manager and mother of three, Charlene developed a passion for fitness as a participant at the club eight years ago and went on to become a certified group fitness instructor through AFAA. In addition Charlene is certified in Bodycombat, Bodypump and water aerobics. Charlene hopes to share the benefits of group fitness classes with all of the clubs members!

Amanda Harrison - Instructor

Body Pump, Body Combat

Amanda holds an ACE certification in Group Fitness and is certified in Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat. She has been a member of the group exercise team since 2016. Outside of the MAC, Amanda is mom to two kids and the Director of Administration for a Law Firm in Peabody, MA. She holds a Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk and a BA from the University of Denver, where she was an intramural ski racer. She credits the Les Mills programs and her supportive MAC "family" for her weight loss over the past two years and hopes to inspire others with her story.

Catherine Romanick - Instructor


Tracy Gothie - Instructor


My love for teaching, swimming, and exercise has kept me dedicated to serving the MAC for almost 15 years.  Swimming has always been one of my favorite sports & pleasures in life living near the ocean.  I have worked with the Aquatics department wearing the hat of lifeguard, swim instructor, & water exercise.  I enjoy working with all age groups and different levels with swimming & water instruction!  Outside of spending quality time working at the MAC, I love my job working as a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.  I always refer my real estate clients to the Manchester Athletic Club to meet people & quickly become involved in a great establishment in our awesome community!

Cindy Ross - Instructor


Cindy’s teaching philosophy is to make the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga accessible to anyone who comes to practice on the mat.  Integrating pranayama (breath) and alignment into each pose, she emphasizes the importance of being present, not perfect.  Cindy completed her certification at YogaWorks in Santa Monica, CA.  A former ski instructor, Cindy understands first-hand how yoga can improve your physical and mental performance in any sport. She also created and produced the SportsYoga DVD series. In addition to yoga, Cindy is an avid kitesurfer and is always looking for a windy day to get out on the water!

Lisa Rigsby - Instructor

Indoor Cycling

Lisa's passion for indoor cycling started in Germany at an all-female fitness center, in 1999. When she returned to the States, she sought out classes in Gloucester, following her trainer, Tobin to the Manchester Athletic Club, where she joined the dedicated, dawn riders at 6:00 a.m.  She became Spinning® certified by Mad Dogg® in 2013, and started teaching the on Monday’s at 6:00 a.m. Her classes focus on form and breath, inspired by yoga and a practical approach to indoor riding for any level. Lisa loves filling in, so you might catch her as a substitute in the eves or on the weekend, when she’s not at her day job as a marketing consultant. Lisa loves living on Cape Ann, and taking advantage of all the ways to enjoy the sea and woodlands in all weather, all seasons.

Violet Gray - Instructor


Born in Selma, Alabama, Violet Gray always brings a unique blend of southern charm and Gloucester salt to every situation, making her an amazing teacher and motivator. Violet graduated cum laude from Suffolk University with a degree in communications, while working for the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce before going on to several private sector jobs. Later, inspired by her then ninety-three year old grandmother, Violet started taking water aerobics classes after the birth of her daughter Lily and quickly transitioned from following instructions to giving them. She began teaching water aerobics and swim classes over 13 years ago and has been at the MAC for 11 of them (having taken off a little time here and there to have two more children; Dahlia & Charlie.  The devotion that she elicits from both her swimming and aerobics classes is a testament to the joy that she takes in sharing her knowledge. We are fortunate to have Violet as part of our staff.

Maida Broudo - Instructor


An oncology healthcare practitioner, teacher and writer, Maida believes in the power of the body, and the importance of taking care of it. She attended her first yoga class 18 years ago to balance the stress and strain of marathon running, and has not stopped practicing since. The connection of the mind, body, and spirit is vital, and taking time to devote oneself to yoga offers rewards on and off the mat.  Maida attended Boston Yoga School and continued her studies with Larisa Forman, Goldie Graham, and Carrie Owerko. She teaches and practices extensively--always eager to learn. She is working toward her 500-hour RYT certification. “We are always learning, we being anew each day!” Maida currently works as Program Manager at the Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Target Cancer Therapy at the Massachusetts General Hospital. She is a former instructor at Harvard Medical School; has a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Harvard University; and is a freelance health journalist and yoga teacher.

Sharon Esker - Instructor


After a childhood filled with dance, gymnastics, running, and eventually pole-vaulting, Sharon Esker landed on her yoga mat to heal a low-back injury in her early 20s. She's been practicing yoga ever since. In the fall of 2016, Sharon embarked on her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Treetop Yoga in Gloucester. Through this experience, she was able to deepen her knowledge of yoga and build strong bonds within the North Shore community of yoga students and teachers. As a teacher, Sharon welcomes all students – from those just testing the waters to the seasoned yogi – and hopes to share the joy she has cultivated from her own practice. She offers a challenging vinyasa flow that aims to leave students calm, but strong to face the day. Born and raised in the Boston area, Sharon now lives in Hamilton with her Kentucky-born husband Aaron and their two littles, Harrison and Vivian.

Susan Himml - Instructor


Susan's interest in athletics led her to her first yoga class at the MAC in the early 90's , and yoga has been a major part of her life ever since. Her passion for yoga inspired her toward the path of teaching others in 1999 and she has been teaching full-time to individuals and groups on Cape Ann and the North Shore ever since.  Combining natural teaching ability with learned training skills from a previous career in Coaching and Corporate Training and Development, Susan teaches with patience and compassion and encourages her students to see beyond their self-imposed limitations. Susan studied with Patty Townsend of the Yoga Center Amherst, where she completed her 200 hundred-hour certification program. She also completed Ashtanga teacher training with David Swenson, and has studied with many other nationally known yoga masters. In addition to being a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, Susan is certified to teach Primordial Sound Meditation through the Chopra Center in San Diego and is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. She holds a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management from Lesley University. Susan truly enjoys working with beginners as well as advanced practitioners and has a talent for teaching mixed levels. In her classes she focuses on moving with breath and awareness (vinyasa) while providing a safe yet challenging environment.