MAC Tennis Academy trains many of the best junior players in New England and is one of the most complete and competitive training programs in the country. The program is for junior players with competitive tennis experience who are dedicated to the sport and driven by the desire to succeed in tennis. MAC Tennis Academy players should exhibit commitment, determination, and an eagerness to learn the skills and strategies of the sport. The Academy was designed personally by legendary coach Nick Bollettieri, and offers an intensive and highly-focused week of drills, stroke analysis, supervised match play, videotaping, fitness and mental conditioning. The Academy is staffed with some of the best tennis coaches in New England who supervise travel to USTA Sanctioned Tournaments. We organize transportation, lodging and on-site coaching for all of our players and take them to most of the major USTA Tournaments.

For more information about our MAC Tennis Academy, please contact:
Francisco Montoya, Director of MAC Tennis Academy

We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and your child, learn about their goals and give them an assessment to see if MAC Tennis Academy is the right fit for them!

Fall / Winter / Spring Academy 2018/2019: September 4th - June 14th

Regular Session:   Tues/Weds/Thurs: 4:00pm - 7:00 pm and Saturday 3:00pm - 6:00pm (pre-registration required for Saturday Academy)

Matchplay:              Friday 6:00pm - 7:30pm and Sunday 3:30pm - 5:30pm


Janet Comenos - 2004
University of Pennsylvania

Alexandra Desherbinin - 2004
Colby College

Ignacio Guererro - 2004
Hope International University

Kristen Lannon - 2004
St. Lawrence University

Kara Powers - 2004
Hamilton College

Marni Powers - 2004
Boston College

Laura Stein - 2004
Amherst College

Rachel Ghorboni - 2004
Wesleyan University

Maggie Sudam - 2005
Dartmouth College

Akin Akman - 2005
Florida Atlantic University

Chris Bane - 2005
Fairfield University

Reid Covington - 2005
Williams College

Emily Fish - 2005
Wesleyan University

Julia Houlden - 2005
Hamilton College

Carolina Bello - 2006
Freed-Hardeman University

Brittany Blalock - 2006
Cal Poly State University

David Tufts - 2006
Tufts University

Casey Gilman - 2006
St. Lawrence University

Linzee Mabrey - 2006
University of North Carolina

Chris McDonald - 2006
St. Lawrence University

Peter Serafina - 2006
Bowdoin College

David Spaggiari - 2006
Southern New Hampshire University

Elly Van Faasen - 2007
Wheaton College

Jordan Evans - 2007
Colorado College

Natasha Desherbinin - 2007
Colby College

Stellina Saia - 2007
Merrimack College

Bill Kring - 2007
Boston University

Will Rives - 2009
Amherst College

Charlie Graves - 2009
Roanoke College

Chase Curtiss - 2009
Denison University

Linus - 2009
Harvard University

Emma Aelisten - 2009
Tulane University

Ina Kauppila - 2009
Boston College

Elizabeth Geer - 2009
St. Lawrence University

Mackenzie Love - 2009
Colby College

Juan Jose Arango - 2009
Southern New Hampshire University

Alex Loyns - 2009
Roanoke College

Veronica Corning - 2010
Boston College

Kelly and Shannon Comolli - 2010
Cornell University

Abby - 2010
Clark University

Cameron - 2010
Dartmouth College

Nate - 2010
Furman University

Santiago Lobelo - 2010
Bethun Cookman

Juan David Varon - 2010
Illinois State

David Ujueta - 2010
University of the Cumberlands

Zamira Varques - 2010
Idaho State

Vlad Firorio - 2010
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Daniel Velazques - 2010
Missouri Valley College

Rachel Kahan - 2010
Duke University

Daniel Cardona - 2010
South West Baptist University