80/20 Balance

MACís 80/20 Balance will help you navigate through nutrition, fitness and life. This course provides relevant nutrition information and exposes you to various modes of exercise. Strict dieting and over-training are not sustainable. If 80% of the time you are eating well and exercising, you can live 20% guilt-free. Taught in a small group setting by a Certified
Health Coach, 80/20 Balance will help YOU find sustainable balance in YOUR life. Itís not about being perfect, itís about being the best you!

  • Group meets once per week for 12 weeks
  • First 10 weeks: Nutrition education and exercise
  • Final 2 weeks: Bring it all together
  • Pre & post individual goal setting and assessment sessions
  • 2 Individual personal training sessions
  • Mid point check-in

12-week course: $389 (Includes two 1-on-1 sessions personal training sessions)

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Contact Darren Burke at dburke@macathletics.com or 978-526-8900 ext. 387 for more information and to find out when our next session begins!